Are you based in Harrogate? Are you the owner of a vehicle that you wish to have detailed and looked after?

Then you are in the right place – at Max Car Care, we provide Harrogate vehicle owners with the simplest car detailing services available. We make sure that you can get a simple, affordable, and easily understood package for car detailing in Harrogate. Whatever kind of vehicle detailing you are looking for, we can make sure that you have someone with the steady hand, eye for detail, and expert knowledge required. This leaves you with a vehicle that looks fantastic, retains that sparkle and shine that you expect, deserve and demand.

When you come to work with Max Car Car, we don’t give you some hard to understand list of services to pick from. We have a top-quality service that delivers car detailing as and where you need us. By providing mobile car valeting, and unit-based detailing, we can help you to turn any car from a simple Ford Focus to a custom-built Ferrari into the shining gem that it really is. Our expertise and our attention to detail ensure that we’ll have every part of the vehicle shining bright, looking outstanding, and really delivering the right visual appeal intended.

The detail matters – treat your Harrogate vehicle today with our deluxe car detailing service.

When we look at a car, we want to see something that reflects our passion for perfection.. However, you might also notice that over time your car begins to lose that sparkle and shine it once had. This often happens thanks to the development of things like metal fallout, tree sap, and other contaminants that can stick to the paintwork of your car.

Instead of allowing the problem to fester, though, our team for car detailing in Harrogate can come out to see you with the right tools. We can then get to work on resolving the issues that lie both on and under the paintwork, decontaminating the paint to make sure that it looks as good as it should.

By using high tech chemical decontamination products, we use products that aren’t going to have any negative impact on your car – only positive, unlike hand car washes that use aggressive and damaging caustic chemicals!. For car valeting or car detailing in Harrogate, our team can make sure you always get a finish that looks absolutely fantastic.


I need to cancel my order with you, how do I do that? 

Once deposits have been taken cancellations will only be granted if we deem the reason for cancellation reasonable and within 14 days of the appointment. We will then reschedule.

Can you detail at the dealership before I collect? 

Ideally, we prefer to bring cars to our state-of-the-art detailing booth with 35 spot lights and 12 LED panel lights. It makes it easier for us to adjust the vehicle, and it will also ensure that the quality is consistent.

How far is Max Car Care willing to travel? 

Depends on the size of the job; please contact us. It depends entirely on the circumstances.

Why ceramic coat?

Longevity vs wax. Easier cleaning. It looks better, it feels better, and it is going to give you a more robust level of protection overall. Really, why would you want to do anything else? Ceramic is the way to go, trust us!

Here are just some of the areas we cover: Yorkshire including LeedsHarrogate, and Wetherby.

Be sure to reach out to us with regards to any PPF requirements you might have as well.