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There is much conjecture over the definition of ‘detailing’; indeed, many of the processes are the same as valeting, and it could be said a ‘detail’ is a super in depth ‘valet’.

Here at Max Car Care, we define detailing as anything involving machine polishing to permanently remove defects from the paint surface. This process will provide a level of gloss and clarity unachievable via hand polishing methods. Naturally, this process is much more time consuming and high risk than hand polishing, but rest assured you are in skilled hands!

If your car paint is in need of improvement or restoration, but you’re not sure which service you need, click below to use our detail detective, which will guide you on which service is best for you:

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Car Detailing Packages

Here at Max Car Care we realise all cars are different, and customers have different requirements. With this in mind, we always advise that bringing your car for an inspection is absolutely the best option when choosing one of our packages. However, we understand that it’s helpful to have a rough pricing guide. With that in mind, we’ve highlighted our 3 most popular packages:

Option 1:
Full safe wash, chemical decontamination (iron x, tar remover), clay bar treatment to remove bonded contamination, light single stage machine polish with CarPro Essence, CarPro C-Quartz Lite & Reload for 12 months protection. A fantastic introduction to ceramics, or as a yearly service to keep your car looking A1 (this is also known as our Winter Protection Detail).

Option 2:
Full safe wash, chemical decontamination (iron x, tar remover), clay bar treatment to remove bonded contamination, single stage machine polish with the latest diminishing abrasive single stage compound (70-80% correction), two coats of CarPro C-Quartz Professional ceramic coating for 24-36 months protection. A truly superb coating with excellent slickness and hydrophobic properties. This is our ‘Enhancement Detail’.

Option 3:
Full safe wash, chemical decontamination (iron x, tar remover), clay bar treatment to remove bonded contamination, two stage stage machine polish for 70-90% defect removal (this is determined during the machine polishing phase), followed by one coat CarPro D-Quartz nano diamond base layer, followed by two layers CarPro C-Quartz Professional for up to 60 months protection; the absolute last word in modern ceramic coating technology with unrivalled hardness, slickness, and hydrophobic properties! This is our ‘Correction’ detail.

Price on Application – subject to car inspection


Wheel faces coated with CarPro D-Lux:
£60.00 inc VAT

Wheels removed, decontaminated, clayed, panel wiped & coated with two coats CarPro D-Lux high temperature ceramic:
£216.00 inc VAT

Interior coated with CarPro C-Quartz Fabric stain repellant, and CarPro C-Quartz Leather stain repellant:
£216.00 inc VAT

Convertible Options:

Roof Seal with Fabsil
£72.00 inc VAT

Roof Clean & Reseal with CarPro Fabric
£120.00 inc VAT

Roof clean, re dye, and seal with Renovo
£240.00 inc VAT

We offer a fully insured service, operating from our state of the art unit just north of York. We can provide fully covered transport to and from the facility; please contact us for more information.

Let us know if you have any questions with regards to our car detailing services and the Max Car Care customer services team will be happy to help. Get in touch with us at [email protected] or give us a call n 07906004105.

Here are just some of the areas we cover: Yorkshire including LeedsHarrogate, and Wetherby.