1. Select Car Size

SmallE.g. Smart Car, Fiat 500, Ford Fiesta


MediumE.g. Ford Focus, Audi A3


LargeE.g. Audi A6, Range Rover Evoque


XLE.g. Range Rover Sport, Ford Ranger

2. Select which best describes your car

Light Paint Swirls
Light scratches often manifest as swirl marks. What you are actually seeing is thousands of tiny scratches that appear to be in a round pattern due to how the human eye registers them. In the case of light swirls, an enhancement detail will normally remove 75-85% of the defects and produce a stunning high gloss.

Heavy Paint Swirls
For more severely damaged paintwork, we would recommend our Correction Detail. The Correction Detail consists of a heavy cutting (or compounding) stage to remove 80-100% of defects. This stage often leaves behind a slight milky haziness, due to the heavier cutting compounds used. A second polishing stage is required to install a stunning gloss and remove the milky haziness, before protection is applied.

3. Level of Protection

Lasts 3-6 months, depending on care. Perfect if you like to clean & maintain your car yourself - it can be topped up regularly.

Ceramic Coating
Lasts a minimum of 2 years, depending on care. Perfect if you want a hassle free way to clean your car, long term. Offers some scratch resistance and excellent dirt repellency. Keep your car cleaner for longer!

4. We Recommend

Processes Common To All Detailing Packages:

Non Acidic Wheel Bath
Snow Foam Pre Wash
Engine Bay Clean and Dress
Double Bucket Mitt Wash
Iron Fall Out Removal
Tar Removal
Clay Bar Treatment On Paintwork