Essential for any new vehicle

Buying a new car is a big investment; in fact it is the largest investment most people make after buying their house! With this in mind, we would highly recommend protecting your investment with a New Car Protection from Max Car Care!

Many dealerships will offer paint protection packages when purchasing your vehicle, but few will apply these products correctly, and even fewer will show your new pride and joy the care and attention it deserves. Here at Max Car Care, we will carefully prepare your new car to our exacting standards, and make it look even better than when it left the factory.

The processes we follow are the same on all new cars:

Full Safe Wash
Decontamination to remove any tar, sap, and embedded industrial fall out (very common on new cars from transportation from factory to dealership)
Light Clay Bar to remove any stubborn fall out
Single Stage Machine Polish to remove minor defects and boost gloss
CarPro C-Quartz/D-Quartz Coatings applied (please see size guide & options below)
Wheel and Interior Coatings available upon request; please contact us for details


CarPro C-Quartz Lite: A fantastic, affordable introduction to ceramic coatings, offering upwards of 12 months protection.

CarPro C-Quartz Professional: One of our most popular coatings, Professional is only available to Detailers who have been vetted by CarPro UK, and met their exacting standards. Professional offers up to 3 years super slick, glossy, hydrophobic protection to your paintwork!

CarPro D-Quartz & C-Quartz Professional: The daddy of coatings! This combo combines the ultra hard, protective properties of CarPro D-Quartz with the slick, glossy qualities of Professional, to provide a truly outstanding, market-leading coating with up to 4 years protection. You can even double up the layers of Professional for even more longevity!


Small Vehicles (E.g. Smart Car, Fiat 500, Ford Ka)
LITE: £320
PRO: £480

Medium Vehicles (E.g. Ford Focus, Audi A3, BMW 1 Series)
LITE: £400
PRO: £540

Large Vehicles (E.g. Audi A6, Range Rover Evoque)
LITE: £480
PRO: £660

XL Vehicles (E.g. Range Rover Sport, Ford Ranger)
LITE: £540
PRO: £720

To book please call 07906004105, email [email protected], or click below:

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Of course, please do let us know if you have any questions about any of the new care protection packages detailed above as well as our PPF offering and we will be more than happy to help you further.